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2nd Annual Aggie Wallace Bagpipe Competition

For the second time in many years, there will be a bagpipe competition at this year’s Highland Festival and Games. All pipers whatever ages and playing abilities are invited to come and participate. You will enter the competition at the Festival.

The competition is named for Aggie Wallace who is recognized as the first individual who trained and organized Hawai‘i residents in the art of playing the bagpipe and organized them into the first local bagpipe band. Aggie came to Hawai‘i in 1938 on the invitation of E.K. Fernandez who immediately put her to work with his traveling carnival.  She was born in Canada, the daughter of a Pipe Major, emigrated to Canada with her family and ended up playing on Vaudeville and in Hollywood where she met E.K. and the rest is history.

The judge for the event is Gold Medal piper Jori Chisholm who has participated in piping competition throughout the United States, Canada, and Scotland. Pipers will be judged on their abilities as it relates to the playing of marches, strathspays, and reels and the traditional music of the pipes, piobaireachd.

This competition has been made possible because of generous support from the Celtic Pipes and Drums of Hawai‘i, the Hawai‘i Scottish Association and from Kim Greeley, who was a student of Aggie Wallace.

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